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What Is Siribele Natural? Why Should You Eat Natural Food?

Posted by : Siribele Natural On : 07 Jul 2021

Siribele Natural company, believes in the processes and practices to serve the society in better way.Hence, we are working on simple principles, these principles are depicted in our logo, brand name and tagline.These we had set 3.5 years ago not today.

Our logo "ploughing farmer and palm in the globe" explains that connecting farmers to consumers through food produced by the farmer.

Our brand name "Siribele Natural" in Kannada it means that naturally grown rich crops, the crop will become rich only if it is grown without chemicals. Lastly, our tag line "Back to traditional", we believe and promote all kinds of traditional practices involved in producing a food, in producing a medicine and in uplifting health of mankind.

We are on the path of our journey and each step is fulfillment of betterment of society and living beings on the earth!

What is Natural Farming?

Natural is the ancient science of growing crops and vegetables on farming lands. In the past, technology was primitive. As a result, farmers used to follow primitive methods of farming. With the advent of time, farmers have started using chemicals, synthetic materials, and other artificial items to grow crops and vegetables. The good thing is that contemporary farming maximizes production.

However, there are some downsides to contemporary farming technologies. Firstly, chemical-based farming leads to the loss of nutrients in vegetables and crops. Secondly, the chemicals and synthetic farming elements come into our bodies. Therefore, they cause various kinds of physical complications.

Most people face health issues these days due to poor nutrition. If you want to live a more energetic and healthy lifestyle, natural farming is the best thing for you. Today, it has become essential for everyone to support natural farming by purchasing naturally-grown products.

Benefits of Eating Naturally-Grown Food

Eating naturally-grown food can benefit your health in many ways. In the following section, find a few noteworthy benefits of the naturally-grown food.

• Fresher Foods: Naturally-grown crops and vegetables are not stored using chemicals or preservatives. The preservatives increase toxin-level in human bodies. Thus, you eat fresh foods that come with all the essential nutrients for your body.
• Better Taste: Naturally-grown vegetables and other foods will take you to childhood memories. The fresh fragrance and taste of the various food have become missing these days. But, natural foods are poised with the unparalleled taste and flavor.
• No Harmful Chemicals: Chemical-based pesticides are not used in natural farming. In such farming techniques, natural foods are used to combat pests. As a result, fruits and vegetables become healthier for your body.
• Good for Soil Fertility: Using synthetic items and harmful chemicals will eventually reduce soil fertility. If you want the agriculture industry to sustain the future generation, you should support natural farming.

Eating naturally-grown foods will give you a healthier body and mind. Moreover, you will stay protected from direct physical complications that happen due to the chemicals and preservatives. So, these are some benefits of naturally-grown fruits, crops, and vegetables. 

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