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Planned vegetables & fruits order is immense contribution to nature

Posted by : Siribele Natural On : 08 Jul 2021

Your preorder vegetables & fruits would save lot of farmer's effort and reduces food wastages. Our farmers harvest available vegetables & fruits based on your orders.

It means lot, more contribution towards energy conservation, your preplanned order will save farmer's energy in harvesting unnecessary food, it's like you are cooking food as per your family requirement to make sure no wastage of food at the end of the day.

Your preorder also saves lot effort in bringing extra vegetables & fruits from long distance and dumping into BBMP garbage pits!

The Benefits of Pre-ordering vegetables and Fruits

Farming the planned vegetables and fruits per the consumers' orders has many benefits. Planned vegetables and fruits can benefit both consumers and producers. Additionally, it is good for the environment and society. Find the benefits of growing planned vegetables, crops, and other food in the following section.

Benefits for the Farmers

Pre-orders fruits and crops can benefit the farmers in the following ways:

• No Wastage: Many farmers suffer losses due to wastage. They produce excessive vegetables and crops. As a result, the supply exceeds the market demand. In such cases, farmers have to face financial losses.

Encouragement: Pre-ordering the fruits and vegetables for the upcoming season will encourage the farmers into natural farming. The demand for natural farming is growing, though only a few farmers practice natural farming these days. Pre-ordering will encourage them.

Financial Empowerment: In India, the farmers' income is a debated issue. Many farmers do not earn revenue according to their efforts. Preordering fruits and vegetables will give economic empowerment to the farmers.

Benefits for the Consumers

Planned vegetables and fruits can benefit consumers in many ways. Find those benefits in the following section.

Good for Health: Preordering fruits and vegetables is good for your health. You can plan your dietary schedule according to the orders placed. Thus, you have more control over your dieting preferences and requirements.

Fresh Food: Planned fruits and vegetables reach your home fresh. You do not have to undergo the hassles to get them in the market. You can preorder them and wait for the doorstep delivery with Siribele Natural. Eating fresh will keep you healthy.

Amazing Convenience: Preordering your fruits, vegetables, and crops through Siribele Natural will bring fantastic convenience to your life. Our farmers will naturally grow the crops and vegetables according to your order. We will deliver them to your doorstep.

Benefits for the Environment

Preordering seasonal fruits, vegetables, groceries, and other farm foods is beneficial for the environment. Firstly, it reduces the wastage of food and resources. Farmers will grow according to the requirements and demands. Secondly, preordering helps the natural farming industry. Only a few farmers want to continue with natural farming these days. It happens due to the low demand for naturally-grown food. When you start supporting natural farming, farmers will find encouragement. Moreover, it will help the environment to stay protected. Using harmful chemicals and synthetic items causes soil fertility loss, soil pollution, river pollution, and many more. 

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